Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Restaurant Mom's Culinary Commentary - Picky Eaters: Born or Bred?

Periodically, between restaurant reviews, I'd like to hear what you all think about different food-related topics. Today, I'd like to touch on kids that are picky eaters and how they got that way. Is it genetic? Did they learn to hate broccoli from their friends (or us)? Is there any way to make sure you won't get a picky eater? Here's my theory, with only my own two kids as research. For my big boy (BB) I was determined to keep eating all the ethnic cuisines I wanted throughout my pregnancy. So, I ate Indian food, Thai food, Mexican food, you name it. BB came out as a non-picky eater from the start. He loves fruits and vegetables (especially broccoli) and tries any food we throw at him. He's a big miso soup fan (he loves the tofu cubes in it) and begs for our pickled ginger when we have sushi. I've taken him to an Indian restaurant for dinner and he has tried every item that we ordered. Next, let's look at my little boy (LB), just two years old now. I wasn't feeling too great through his pregnancy plus I had terrible heartburn. So, I tried to eat a little bit blander menu and didn't eat out as much. He is now Mr. Meat and Potatoes (and Mr. Bread and Butter, too). He's actually said to me, "no green" when I'm trying to put vegetables on his plate. He can't get enough starches (corn, potatoes, rice, etc.) but basically pushes away everything else. Could it be that what I ate while they were pregnant influenced their tastes in the early years of their lives? What do you think? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that what you ate during your pregnancy affected how your boys eat now. My Mom told me that she ate a ton of apples during her pregnancy with me and today that is one of my least favorite fruits. Also, my oldest daughter ate all her vegetables when she was a toddler and pre-schooler, but after she went to school and had lunch with the "big" kids she started disliking most vegetables. On the other hand, my other daughter hated vegetables when she was younger and today she is my healthy eater. I think environment and personal taste has a lot to do with how our children eat (as well as other things.)

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