Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quick Bites - Perkins Restaurants and the Search for the Crazy Cookie

Here's a "Quick Bite" to tide you over until my next full restaurant review. I've got a few I'm working on but haven't had time to pull them together yet.

When we go out to breakfast with the kids on weekend mornings, we will frequently go to Perkins. They have a pretty good, all-encompassing menu, and usually the wait isn't that long. Plus, they have a really good children's menu. The offerings are very nicely photographed so you can ask your kids what they want and they can just point to it. Then, they can turn the menu over and find a bunch of activities and puzzles that they can color. The choices are really kid-friendly too - for breakfast kids can get chocolate-chip pancakes shaped like a bear (to me, he looks like Mickey Mouse), rainbow pancakes (regular pancakes with rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream), a stack of French toast sticks, silver dollar pancakes, or a breakfast platter with eggs, bacon, and potatoes. LB usually goes for the Rainbow pancakes and BB goes for the chocolate-chip pancakes. Last time, however, LB said he wanted BOTH kinds of pancakes so our server was very nice and gave him pancakes with small cups of chocolate chips and sprinkles on the side. He loved it - he got to decorate the pancakes on his own.

One thing it clearly states on the menu is that all children's meals come with a drink and a Crazy Cookie for dessert. The Crazy Cookie is a half sugar/half chocolate-chip cookie and it looks really cool on the menu. However, I was starting to believe that maybe there really wasn't a Crazy Cookie and it was just a tease - every time we were ready to leave and asked for our Crazy Cookies, we were told that they didn't have any available right now. Hmm, I thought, maybe they only have these available for lunch and dinner? Then, one day a few months ago, we ate at the Perkins at the intersection of I-4 and U.S. 27 for breakfast. I again asked for the Crazy Cookies after we were done and was amazed when our server said, "Okay, I'll go get them right now." She said they had just made a fresh batch (so they do have them available during breakfast time). BB said it tasted okay, just like a sugar cookie with chocolate chips and LB just ate the chocolate chip side and then handed me the sugar cookie side to finish. We haven't seen one since, although we have been eating at the Perkins in Ocoee lately - so maybe we'll have to make another trip down south to see the Crazy Cookies again.


shelby21498 said...

LOVED the Crazy Cookie commentary. Can adults get a Crazy Cookie? If not, I might have to borrow a friend's kid! :)

Restaurant Mom said...

I know, aren't they fun looking?! I bet they would sell out of them if they offered them in their bakery!

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