Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Bites - Grow an Avocado Plant, Courtesy of Chevy's Fresh Mex

Our plant is doing well! Easy instructions are on the bag To prove that they use real avocados in the preparation of their guacamole, Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurants have started a promotion that offers the pit of the avocado to guests to "grow their own". The pit comes in a bag with instructions on how to start growing the avocado plant by placing toothpicks in it and suspending it in a water glass. My kids were very excited by this so we took home a bag and tried it. They watched as the roots and stem started to break out of the pit and we followed the instructions to prune the stem back when it was high enough. Once it was

Pick up a bag like this and have fun!
big enough, we transferred it to a pot and it is now sitting outside our front door and growing very well. So next time you are at Chevy's, don't forget to stop by the entrance and grab a pit in a bag.

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