Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Bites - Ostrich and Buffalo burgers at Fuddrucker's

In this corner, the Ostrich BurgerAt the Fuddrucker's restaurant in Crossroads in Lake Buena Vista, I In this corner, the Buffalo Burger... with cheesenoticed that they have a "healthy choices" menu with different types of burgers such as turkey, veggie, and yes, buffalo and ostrich. I was very intrigued by these exotic offerings, so with the help of one of my co-workers, we split an ostrich burger and buffalo burger.

Cost: The exotic burgers are a bit more expensive than the regular burgers at Fuddrucker's and they only come in the one size - 1/2 pound. For comparison, a regular 1/2 pound beef burger is $5.69 while the Ostrich burger is $8.49 and the Buffalo burger is $7.99.

Looks: The buffalo burger looked more like a beef burger than the ostrich did, which makes sense. The ostrich burger was a very light brown, almost grey, with what looked like black pepper flecks scattered throughout the meat.

Taste: The ostrich burger was not greasy at all, though it wasn't dry either. To me, it tasted like veal. Unfortunately, I am not a big veal fan so I wasn't too keen on finishing the burger. My co-worker didn't fancy the taste either, so we ended up putting lots of condiments on it and finishing the burger. The buffalo burger, however, tasted just like a regular beef burger and we had no problem finishing that one.

Nutrition: Are these really healthier choices? I asked the question on the Fuddrucker's website and the nice people at Fuddrucker's sent me their nutritional information for all of their food products. Guess what? The ostrich burger really is better! Here's the breakdown: Ostrich burger, 1/2 pound prepared, 390 calories, 60 calories from fat, 6 grams of fat; Buffalo burger, 1/2 pound prepared, 520 calories, 330 calories from fat, 36 grams of fat; Beef burger, 1/2 pound prepared, 656 calories, 504 calories from fat, 56 grams of fat.

Taking all into consideration, I might be tempted to get another buffalo burger when I go to Fuddrucker's, but I'll probably pass on the ostrich. If you like veal, though, you might want to try it.


Anonymous said...

I had the ostrich burger last night since I am doing Weight Watchers and found it delicious!! (Only 7 WW Points!) As matter of fact I was worried that they mistakenly gave me a beef patty! (Hopefully not!!) Since I always order a grilled chicken sandwich or salad at restaurants, it was a welcomed change!! I did opt for a what bun that was not grilled with butter, so unsure if I saved more calories than the numbers they gave you. Anyway...I loved it! And in Texas where I lived it was only around $7, same price as their fat laden salad!)


Anonymous said...

I just got back from Fudruckers where I had the ostrich burger. I thought it was delicious. I thought it tasted close enough to beef but a little drier. The dryness didn't bother me since I put a lot of condiments on it like mustard and pickles and such. I'm impressed on the nutrition facts. I recommend this burger to anyone on a diet and/or trying to lose weight like I am.

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